Melven's Succes Story: "The World Class Mechanic"

Melven's Succes Story:

Melven’s Success Story: “The World Class Mechanic

Success is a desire that resides in everyone, whether you’re a child, a young man, or the aged. Succeeding in life is a desire inherent in us, no matter the age or status. It’s what keeps us continue our efforts every day, working hard to be recognized by our peers and to achieve our dreams.

The feeling when your hard work is rewarded is indescribable. “World-class mechanic” Melven Villamer must have surely felt the same thing with every achievement he has made over the past years. As one of the Philippines’ bests, Melven is an inspiration to those who dream of becoming the next great mechanic.

Who is Melven Villamer?

Melven is just a simple guy from a normal family in the Philippines. There is not much personal information about him, but he has not been a part of the automotive world in the beginning. His past work experiences include working as a project manager for almost two years in the Philippines.

He was also a technical support engineer for eight years in Saudi and Qatar. These ten years have taught Melven the value of hard work and determination, working tirelessly for the sake of his family. But passion runs in his blood – the passion for cars that turned into a career. 


World-Wide Achievements of a World-Class Mechanic

Who said a mechanic is nothing but a car technician? Mechanics are professionals who keep your vehicle in tip-top condition by repairing, maintaining, and testing its systems. Not all mechanics are the same since some of them specialize in a specific type of vehicle. However, most of them are passionate when it comes to cars.

Isuzu ME-1 Technical Competition 2014

Melven Villamer’s passion for cars took him around the world, joining numerous competitions and bringing wins for the Philippines. He was once the 4th placer in a Middle East technical competition that involved a best in 5’s award. One of his earliest and biggest achievements was at the Isuzu ME-1 Technical Competition in 2014.

Isuzu ME-1 Technical Competition 2015

It was in this competition when Melven won the Championship Award. The 1st placer was the best out of all who participated in both practical exams and written exams. Out of all participants, he was the best in the practical exam and written exam, which is a team effort. Melven also won top rank in the individual written examination.




Isuzu GP-1 World Technical Competition - A continued streak of wins from 2015 to 2017

The Isuzu GP-1 World Technical Competitions is a prestigious competition where the world’s best in technical knowledge and service skills compete. The Philippines consistently produced the best wins in these competitions and Melven is one of those who brought pride to the country. He participated in two Isuzu global competitions bearing the name of a foreign country but stood up with the pride of the Philippines.

In his first attempt to conquer the world stage, he won 5th placed in Isuzu GP-1 World Technical Competition - Category B, CV Division in 2015 as representative of Saudi. He then subsequently won 2nd runner up in Isuzu GP-1 World Technical Competition - Category B; CV Division in 2017 as representative of Qatar. He may not be a member of the Philippine team, but he nonetheless made everyone proud.

The Pride of the Philippines 

The Philippines has been participating in Isuzu and other global competitions for years, showcasing our technicians’ service skills and technical knowledge. Steadily placing 5th or higher, there is no doubt about the training Melven received. But more than that, it is Melven’s passion and dedication that put his craft on the world stage.